Our DOP with some Wrong Turn 5 characters

Filming a BBC documentary with Alastair Sooke in Hungary

Multiple camera crew coverage of the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany for the 3rd consecutive year.

What Are We Offering

Sports feature shoot in Warsaw, Poland with Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski for TF1

We are filming at the Baltic Sea in Poland

Who We Are

Soccer feature shoot for FIFA TV in Budapest, Hungary (clicking on it will take the viewer to the FIFA YouTube channel.)

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No other professional camera crewing company covers this region more intensively for the last 12 years, than Stills and Films.


We are catering mainly for British and US companies, but have a few German, French, Japanese, Canadian, Italian and Australian returning clients as well.


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                                       USA client line : + 1 310 598 7308                                                     UK client line : + 44 208 133 9616

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Filming behind the scenes at "The Borgias" for Showtime - we filmed at all 3 seasons

DIT services for Guinnes

Filming soccer feature for

"Home follow" intro video we filmed for NBC's "The Voice" with singer Viktor Kiraly



We provide EPK camera crews for film productions working in Eastern Europe on the latest films for the big screen. Our  camera crews have a great set etiquette, always work almost unnoticed.  We bring all the equipment needed for our shoots and never rely on local facilities

at the sets. 

 Motion pictures we have worked on:

The Manchurian Candidate (Live telebridge with Liev Schreiber in Prague, Czech Republic)  
Kull the Conqueror (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) 
​Dragonheart (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) 
Evita (Budapest, Hungary) 
Knight in Camelot (Budapest, Hungary) 
Max Schmelling (Zagreb, Croatia) 
The Borgias / 3 seasons / (Budapest, Hungary)
Wrong Turn 5 (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Strikeback (Budapest, Hungary)
Houdini (Budapest, Hungary)
Hercules (Budapest, Hungary)
Fallen (Budapest, Hungary)
​Spy (Budapest, Hungary)
​Man in the Dark (Budapest,Hungary)
The Coldest City (Budapest, Hungary)
​Death Race 4 (Bulgaria)
Dragonheart 4 (Vajdahunyad, Transylvania)



We supply camera crews for live sports events and  ENG video crews for sports features. 

Stills and Films proud to be a contracted camera crewing company for the UEFA.

Sports clients we have worked with:

ARD Sports News (Athletics)
Channel 9 Australia (Formula 1) 
CSI (Rugby & Soccer)

IMG Singapore Pte Ltd (Cricket)

IMG (Basketball)
ITV Sport (Soccer)

Fuji TV (Figure skating & Formula 1) 

NHK (Dolomitenmann)
Octagon Group (Soccer) 
Olympic Broadcasting SL (Sochi Olympics)
Pitch International (Soccer)

RAI (Formula 1) 
Sky Italia (Soccer) 
Sportingbet (Poker) 

TF1 (Telefoot)
Total Rugby (Rugby)  
UEFA (Soccer) 


We provide single and multiple camera crews for corporate event coverage. Our packages  include English speaking talent, HD and 4K camera kits, video mixers, audio equipment, audio patches, PA systems, teleprompters, projectors, lights.

Corporate clients we have worked with:

Astra Zeneca (Bucharest, Romania) 
Bayer Healthcare (Budapest, Hungary)

Bang & Olufsen (Koprivnice, Czech Rep)

British Petroleum ( Vienna, Austria) 
Cisco Systems (Budapest, Hungary) 
Coca Cola (Budapest, Hungary) 
Coutts (Budapest, Hungary) 
Danfoss (Zagreb, Croatia)   
Exxon Mobile (Szeged, Hungary) 
General Electric (Veresegyház, Hungary) Marriott Hotels (Budapest, Hungary) 
Microsoft (Prague, Czech Republic, Komárom, Hungary)
Merck (Vienna, Austria) 
NCR (Budapest, Hungary) 
Novartis (Vienna, Austria) 
Oracle (Bucharest & Cluj, Romania, Sofia, Bulgaria) 
Samsung (Budapest, Hungary) 
SAP (Pague, Czech Republic)

UNIDO (Vienna, Austria)

Stills & Films is the most sought after professional 

camera crewing company in Central & Eastern Europe.

We are famous for producing high quality video footage without being overly complicated or too expensive. Smooth shoots, no pain and no catch. A Microsoft video producer called our crews  "better than the US video crews we use back home". 

We produce and crew for Fortune 500 companies,  for high-end video production companies, camera crewing agencies, media houses, nonprofit organizations, sports institutions, broadcasters and corporations. You can find our steadily growing client list at the bottom of this page.

Stills & Films proud to be the contracted camera crew supplier of the UEFA for Central & Eastern Europe. We are the video crew choice for Showtime in the region.

NEW!   Live conference coverage with up to 5 broadcast cameras. Portable Master Control unit.          Read more...


We supply experienced local production crews and DOP-s

 across Central & Eastern Europe in the following countries:

Austria - Vienna, Graz, Salzburg

Baltic States - Riga, Vilnius, Tallin

Bosnia - Sarajevo, Mostar, Medjugorje

Bulgaria - Sofia, Varna

Croatia​ - Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split

Czech Republic - Prague, Brno

Germany - Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg

Hungary - Budapest, Győr, Debrecen, Szeged

Poland - Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk

Romania - Bucharest, Cluj

RussiaMoscow, St.Petersburg

Serbia  - Belgrade, Nis

Slovakia - Bratislava, Nitra, Kosice

Slovenia ​- Ljubljana, Maribor