​​​​​​​​​​Terms of Service


The below terms of services are applicable for every camera crew booking from the Client to Stills & Films and on every contract agreed with our company, including every complementary services. No exemption to those general terms and conditions would be accepted without the written agreement of Stills & Films. Every camera crew

booking would be accepted by Stills & Films only with a written confirmation from the Client.  The Client admits to have read, understood and accepted these general terms of services. 


​Stills & Films requires from first time clients a 50% deposit payment prior to the shoot regardless of the total value of the production. In case the contract value exceeding € 2000, a down payment of 50% of the final price will be asked to confirm the booking for every clientRemaining 50% of the production cost should be rendered within 15 days upon receiving our final invoice. Only major broadcasters are exempt of this rule.

​Our invoices are VAT free.

Any invoice unpaid on the due date will result in the charge -  automatically and without notice -  of a lump sum totaling 10% of the final sum with a minimum of 85 EUR. 



A shooting day consists of 10 hours, and it includes:  

The transportation time of the camera crew and gears from our headquarter in the given city to the location of the contract.
30 minutes break for the crew during the day.

 The transportation time of the crew and gears back to our headquarter in the given city.

Every additional started hour (O/T) will be charged at a 15% rate for the crew.

(In modern cities with heavy traffic the above means, that transportation time will consume roughly 2 hours - forth and back to base - from the shooting time.)

We do not accept half day bookings. We do not accept bookings for micro projects, couple of hours shoots.


Two men crews (DOP & Asssitant) are basic. We are not news camera crews, we do not have one man bands. Multiple camera coverage of conferences, workshops are obviously run by cameramen only + sound dept. if required.


​We ask all clients to pay a cancellation fee:

50% of estimated cost within 48 hours notice

100% with less than 24 hours notice


​​All copyright vested in the media produced by Stills & Films shall be assigned to the Client, subject to the following:
Payments in full are received from the Client in a timely manner for all outstanding invoices.


We are on short fuse concerning spammers and time wasters, price shoppers disappearing without trace.

Those have only 1 shot with us. Lightning fast we ban them from our mailing servers.

In every country we cover. That's all of Central Eastern Europe.