Stills & Films now offers a portable camera chain system completed with portable master control unit and up to 5 x Sony PMW 350 XD HD cameras for conference & event organizers wishing to record their conferences live or to be streamed on the internet.

Our solution is compact, no need to hire big outside broadcast vans or running tons of video cables trough windows and door sills.  All the gear is packed into flight cases, we just roll them to conference spaces and set them up in a matter of minutes. After connecting the cameras - all on rolling dollies - we are ready to go within 1 hour with your conference coverage.

Our master control unit can record each camera footage separately or we can edit the pictures on the fly to give you a completed program at the end of your event. The system was used on several banking and technological conferences - you can see some pictures up here - and worked like a charm. 

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Live or Recorded Conference Coverage with up to 5 Broadcast Cameras