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Please note: 

We are not a rental company. We do not dry hire our camera kits or any other pieces of our filming arsenal.  Please do not expect responses from us regarding any dry hire request.​​ We are providing our corporate and broadcast clients with the best available, professional equipment. Therefore we do not use hired gear on our shoots, since those rigs in Central & Eastern Europe are heavily abused and unreliable most of the time. To protect our equipment, we never dry hire them out to third parties, so no dry hire, sorry. Renting film gear with English speaking assistants is possible under certain conditions. Please see our "Terms of Service" at the bottom of this page.

Job seekers / partnership offers:

Lately we have too many job application requests sent to us trough this booking form. Please understand, this space is for camera crew booking clients only. Please do not send us partnership requests or CV-s via the booking form. We do not hire people "from the street". The only way we hire people or get involved in partnership projects via the recommendation of our local producers & camera crews on the ground. Unlike some "video crewing agencies", we like to know our camera crews personally, not only via email. It is impossible to judge the creativity and stamina of people via email or phone. We need to know our crews strongest points, so we could offer clients the best crews suited for each and every job requiring a specific skill set. ​​

"A man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an opinion."

To send your query, please use this form or the emails at the bottom of this page. We will reply to you as fast as humanly possible. Please let us know as many details about your production as possible in order to give you the best and most complete offer.  In case your request is urgent, feel free to use the two phone numbers at the bottom of this page.

We cater mainly for clients and colleagues from the UK and USA. Call us at these local numbers for reduced cost:


UK clients please call  +44 203 514 2022


US clients please call +1 213 4540 533

When sending us emails, please use your company email account. Delivery of emails from Gmail accounts are significantly slowed down by our spam filters, therefore we will receive those mails only hours later after you have sent it. (Hotmail, Nokiamail & other freemail accounts are blocked by our server due to massive spamming).

Thank you!

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