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Useless Middle Men in Our Industry

Video use is growing across various industries, so as the need for quality crews. Customers combing the net for video crews and often end up using services of useless & expensive middle men.

Here are few of those: 

screeneuropa (.) com    / A Crew 4U

starkcrew (.) com

globalmediadesk (.) com

Why they are useless you might ask? 

Very simple, they do nothing else than search the internet, if a client shows up with a request. These companies have nothing on the ground, no video crews and no fine filming equipment. What they got is a well optimized website for Google (or Google ads), so you find them. All have big words on their websites, how professional they are and have their own camera crews all over the Globe. 

This is plain BS.

In reality what happens is this: when a client approaches them, they search the net, send out emails to 3-4 providers and choose the cheapest option to make a bigger profit. They have no idea how the crews work, what their experience or what is the state of the equipment the crew is going to use. One glance at these websites tells the whole story: stock photos, no local phone numbers, no production pictures, often the same text optimized for different cities, countries.

How to avoid them?

The easy way is to use well established camera crewing agencies like assignmentdesk.com or crewconnection.com. These people know their camera crews and have a history going back for many years. The harder way is to pay little more attention to website details, look for local phone numbers, production photos and videos, clients feedbacks with names and positions attached.

Good luck avoiding the middle men and have a nice shooting!

International Transport Forum 2016

Leipzig, Germany

The last 3 years Stills & Films is the camera crew

provider for the International Transport Forum trough a UK media house. 

These videos were shot this year by our crews.

This is what our client sent to us: 

" HUGE thanks to you all for your hard work and professionalism at the ITF Summit 2016 in Leipzig. You were all fantastic and more importantly all incredibly pleasant and nice to work with. "

Our Erfurt crew filmed a corporate video in Fürth, Germany for a US media client.

Stills & Films Moscow video crew filmed a corporate video with the American chemical giant, DuPont at the Expocentre.

We have made interviews with participants of the exhibition and filmed some b-roll too.

We are ready to fly. Stills & Films is offering arial videography for international clients in Germany with DJI Phantom2.

Insurance and permissions are covered.
Just bumped into this on YouTube recently!

Brought back really nice memories about filming this in 2011. We used HDcam Sony PDW900R cameras. This was the last year we rolled on tapes...

Call us to hire the best film crews for behind the scenes shoots. Our camera crews have great set etiquette and always work almost unnoticed on sets. 


This post was no fun to write. We knew, that the crime rate is extremely high in South Africa, but never expected, that includes our industry. We got stiffed by a company called ABN Pictures (Sandton, South Africa) on a corporate job we did trough them for ORACLE in Warsaw, Poland.

Update: This was SETTLED after 90 days. 

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Sony FS7 or Canon C300 Mark II.?

​​There are lots of heated debates lately whether Sony FS7 or Canon C300 Mark II. is a better buy in the 4K dawn (obviously Arri Amira is the answer, unfortunately it is an overkill for most productions we do).

​We have not tried the Canon C300 Mark II. yet, but had a shoot for the American "The Voice" (NBC) with Sony FS7 following Viktor Kiraly in Budapest, Hungary showing the town and family, to introduce him to the viewers in the States.

4K corporate shoot at Festool in Stuttgart. Equipment used: Canon C 300 Mark II. with Canon Cinema Prime lens set and Tokina ATX Cinema zooms 16-28mm & 50-135mm, ProSup Tango Roller cinema slider 

​We have not tried the Canon C300 Mark II. yet, but had a shoot for the American "The Voice" (NBC) with Sony FS7 following Viktor Kiraly in Budapest, Hungary showing the town and family, to introduce him to the viewers in the States.

Our (award winning) DOP hated the camera from the start. He did not like the ergonomics, the slow and complicated menu system, but he was especially upset with the flimsy, weak E mount, which made him really nervous.

We got the camera from a friend with the zoom lens (SELP 28-135mm G) Sony promoting with the camera and took some of our bigger (and much better) lenses with Metabones adapter.

The Sony SELP28135G lens is a full frame lens and on the Super 35mm FS7 does not have a real wide angle end nor a good tele option end. It is a crappy cheap lens for the FS7.

The other lenses we tried to use, incl. the Zeiss Compact Zoom CZ.2 70-200/T2.9 were wobbling in the mount even with support. We got so afraid to use them, that decided to do the whole shoot with the SELP28135G.

Thanks to our excellent DOP the client was very happy with the shoot and sent this msg: "I just wanted to reach out and thank you for such an incredible shoot. We are very happy with the footage."

While this is really good, the Sony FS7 gave us too much stress on the shoot to use it in the future, unless clients really really insist.

Our verdict: it is not a professional camera (only on paper) to be used in a demanding, fast paced environment.

You would need an F5 or F55 for that, if you want to work with a Sony camera.

Update: We got our Canon C300 Mark II. finally this week!


We have signed our new contract for 2015 with the UEFA. This is our 6th contract in a row with them.