Canon C300 Mark II. 4K Cinema Camera Rent with full Zacuto Rig

Stills & Films is offering the latest professional 4K cinema camera from Canon, the C300 MarkII. to rent for productions planning to film in Hungary  with a wish to travel light. Indeed, you can send your director and/or DOP only and we can supply the rest.

The camera comes fully accessorized, no money was spared on the best rigs and components for a smooth shoot.

List of equipment included in the package price:

Canon C300 Mark II. camera body

Camera power supply

2 x Canon BP-A30 batteries with charger

2 x Sandisk CFast 2.0 Extreme Pro 128GB 515MB/s CFast 2.0 cards

1 x Sandisk SDXC Extreme Pro 64GB SD card for proxy recording

Atomos CFast Card reader

Zacuto Gratical HD OLED viewfinder with 4 x Zacuto LP-E6 batteries

​Zacuto Axis Mini viewfinder mount with Arri rosette

Zacuto VCT Baseplate

Zacuto VCT tripod plate

Zacuto Tornado Follow focus

Zacuto C300 Mark II. relocator handgrip

​Zacuto Zwiss plate V2 with V-lock battery mount to power the camera or other accessories with V-mount batteries

​Zacuto Z-QMAC lens support

Zacuto recoil handle 

Zacuto C300 Mark II. helmet

​Sennheiser MKE 600 on board camera microphone with Sennheiser wind shield

Tokina Cinema ATX 50-135mm manual zoom lens for 4K recordings

Tokina Cinema ATX 16-28mm manual zoom lens for 4K recordings

Canon EF 24-105 1/4L IS USM manual/auto zoom lens for dual pixel autofocus shots for run & gun or gimbal use

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM manual/ auto zoom telephoto lens

Odyssey 7Q+ OLED monitor/recorder with 2 x 250GB cards

​DJI Ronin gimbal with 2 x  Ronin-M Battery (3400 mAh)

ProSup Tango Roller professional slider

Sachtler Tripod SPEED LOCK® CF HD with Sachtler  Fluid Head Video 15 SB

Light gear includes the following items:

Kino Flo Diva Light 401 kits (2x) with 3200K & 5600K tubes
Bebob LUX-LED 60V led daylights (2x) on batteries for outside filming - no power required
Dedo Weigert K24B light kit with softbox (includes 3 x 150w lights, one is which with a softbox)
Dedo Ledzilla camera light with softbox
Gobo sets
Flags, white bouncing boards

Transport: 5 seater big SUV

To find out pricing and for booking inquire please send us a mail (at the bottom of this page on the right hand side) or call us at:

+36 309 440 182

​Please note, that we can supply additional gear, lenses and personnel at your request.

Additional lens options EF mount:

Zeiss CP.2 lens set 18/21/25/28/35/50/85/100/135 mm

​Zeiss CZ.2 70-200mm T2.9 zoom

​Zeiss LWZ.2 15,5-45mm T2.6 zoom

Canon C300 Mark II. rental in Budapest, Hungary